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During his film education, Steven also trained to be an engineer. Afterwards he built a career as an independent film maker, freelance editor, trainer and director. In 2016, Steven began filming the developments in the Eight project in Busibi, a village in Western Uganda where each inhabitant receives a basic income, money without conditions. The result: CRAZY MONEY.

→ Documentary ‘Wardje’ (2004)
→ Freelance editor, postproduction supervisor, coach, director for
Proximus TV, EVS,... (2007 – present)
→ Short ‘Point Off U’ (2007, with Dirk Roofthooft, Herwig Ilegems,
Robbrecht Vanden Thoren, among others)
→ Postproduction for the documentary series ‘Kongo’ (2010)
→ Web documentary ‘Het Antwerpgevoel’ (2010)
→ Atoma By Brepols (2012, Stijlhard, Silver dolphin at the Cannes Corporate
Media & TV awards)
→ Exhibition ‘Herinner De Toekomst’ (2013)
→ Web documentary ‘Kleine Grootmeesters’ (2015)
→ Making-of ‘Samson en Gert’ for Studio 100 (2015)
→ Web documentary series Village One Film (2017)
→ Crazy Money (2020)